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Will You Stay Forever? Discovering the Heart of Hogar Miguel Magone

At the heart of our mission at Infinite Chance is Hogar Miguel Magone (HMM), a children's home in Guatemala driven by love, compassion, and the extraordinary dedication of its founders, Karen and Estuardo. Readers often hear us refer to “the home”, referring to HMM. It is by far the most important component to the success of our programs.

So… we want to take some time to explain why.

Founders' Tale: A Lifelong Commitment Inspired by a Simple Question

The roots of Hogar Miguel Magone delve deep into the transformative journey of Karen Rodas, one of its visionary founders. At the age of 15, Karen's life took an unexpected turn during a school field trip when she volunteered for a day at a government-funded children's home. The shocking reality of overcrowded living conditions and insufficient care left an indelible mark on her young heart.

During that visit, Karen connected with a 13-year-old boy who courageously shared his harrowing life story—a narrative woven with pain, abuse, and a journey to the streets as a means of survival. As he concluded his tale, he posed a simple yet profound question to Karen: "Will you stay forever?" Though seemingly puzzling to a young Karen at the time, this question became the catalyst for a lifelong commitment.

In the days that followed, Karen made it a part of her daily routine to visit and volunteer with the children of that home. The encounter with this resilient boy and his plea became a guiding force in Karen's life, prompting her to ask herself, "How can I make a lasting difference?" The answer unfolded over the years as Karen actively championed projects to support children, especially those navigating the harsh realities of the streets in Guatemala.

It was during this transformative period that Karen crossed paths with Estuardo, a kindred spirit equally dedicated to uplifting future generations. United by their passion for making a difference, Karen and Estuardo embarked on a shared journey, opening their hearts and even their modest home to homeless children. In 1997, fueled by a shared vision of creating a haven for those in need, they founded Hogar Miguel Magone.

The founding of HMM marked not only the establishment of a physical space for children but the creation of a haven where love, compassion, and dedicated service intertwine. Karen and Estuardo's unwavering commitment to the children goes beyond the confines of an institution—it reflects a lifelong promise to stand by those who need it most, embodying the essence of the question that set their journey in motion: "Will you stay forever?" For Karen, the answer was clear, and the impact of that decision continues to radiate through the lives of the children at Hogar Miguel Magone.

A Sanctuary Beyond Labels

Often dubbed an "orphanage," HMM is more than just a shelter; it's a sanctuary that embraces children from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of their orphan status. While most of the children still have parents, they've often been removed from their custody due to various reasons. Governed by a judiciary system, HMM receives these children without any government aide. Many stay temporarily, attending trials and hearings, and whether a child stays or leaves depends on decisions beyond the founders' control.

Accepting children between 2-10 years, with exceptions for siblings, HMM focuses on creating a familial environment. While not a school, it serves as a living facility, with children attending public elementary, private high school, or trade school/college classes. Infinite Chance’s supplementary courses, like computer and English, are conducted on-site, fostering a holistic learning experience.

Empowered by Infinite Chance

In collaboration with Infinite Chance, HMM empowers children with essentials for school, English classes, computer classes, fieldtrips, tutoring and more. With love at its core, HMM becomes a place where the children learn to be children, support one another, and embrace hope for a brighter future.

Watch a tour of HMM given by one of its very own residents:

*Note: The home is dynamic, and the video may not reflect the current conditions, but it offers a glimpse into the children's lives.*

Discover the radiant love that permeates every corner of Hogar Miguel Magone.

The question is: Will you stay forever?

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