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Making Waves Together: Supporting the Beach Trip for Our Students!

At Infinite Chance, we're all about creating opportunities for joy and growth for the children of Hogar Miguel Magone and surrounding village in Guatemala. This July, we're excited to make one of their (and our) dreams a reality — a trip to the beach!

Hogar Miguel Magone Beach Trip Infinite Chance Danielle Weaver

Why This Trip Matters:

For many of our students, the ocean remains an unexplored wonder, despite being just a short 2-hour drive from Guatemala City. This trip represents a chance for them to experience the beauty and serenity of the ocean for the first time. Imagine the joy and excitement on their faces as they feel the sand between their toes and listen to the waves crashing against the shore!


What's Planned:

On July 6th, we'll be taking the children to AquaMagic, a fantastic water park located right on the coast. With access to the beach, several pools for different ages, and thrilling water slides, it promises to be a day filled with laughter, connection, and unforgettable memories. Our goal is to take all children of Hogar Miguel Magone, children from the surrounding village that we support, and the entire staff of Hogar Miguel Magone and their families.

How You Can Help:

To make this trip possible, we're launching a fundraising campaign with a goal of $4,500, which would cover the expenses for approximately 150 people. The cost per person works out to approximately $30, which includes:

·      Park entry

·      Transportation

·      A bright colored T-shirt for easy identification

·      A full meal

·      Essential supplies like sunscreen and water for the trip


If you'd like to help, please consider contributing $30 towards our fundraiser. Every donation, no matter how small, brings us closer to making this dream a reality!


Additionally, if you'd like to add an extra splash of fun to our trip, we've created an Amazon Wishlist with a few items we'd love to bring from the US to Guatemala, including floaties! You can find the wish list here.


By supporting this initiative, you're not just providing a day at the beach—you're empowering these children to explore, learn, and create lasting memories. Together, we’ll make waves of joy and laughter for our students!


To donate and learn more about our fundraiser, please visit:


Thank you for your kindness and generosity.


With infinite gratitude,


Danielle Weaver

Daniela Weaver

President + Founder

Infinite Chance

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