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Empowering Guatemala: Benchmark Gensuite's Enduring Support for Education

Thank you Benchmark Gensuite

As we gear up for our LovED Gala on February 10th in Mason, OH, we are overjoyed to shine a spotlight on our presenting sponsor, Benchmark Gensuite. While their support for our upcoming gala is monumental, we want to take a moment to reflect on the unwavering dedication Benchmark Gensuite has shown since the inception of Infinite Chance, five years ago.


Benchmark Gensuite's commitment to education and empowerment has manifested in various forms over the years, creating a lasting impact on our students in Guatemala. Here's a glimpse of the incredible support we've received:

Computer Program Launch (2018): Benchmark Gensuite played a pivotal role by donating the original 19 computers, launching our computer program and opening up a world of possibilities for our students.

Sponsoring Our First Trade School Students: In 2019, Benchmark Gensuite covered the tuition for four teens to begin their trade school journeys, all of whom have since graduated and are working in their fields of study! This initial push paved the way forward in our trade school scholarship program, which still boasts a 100% graduation rate!


Memorable Excursions: Countless excursions around Guatemala, including a joyous trip to a local theme park in 2022, have been made possible by Benchmark Gensuite, creating cherished memories for our students.


Fundraiser Sponsorship: Benchmark Gensuite has been a key sponsor for most of our major fundraisers, significantly contributing to our ability to provide educational opportunities.


Hosted Fundraising Events: Their involvement goes beyond financial support; Benchmark Gensuite has actively hosted small fundraising events, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.


Board of Directors Involvement: Several dedicated employees from Benchmark Gensuite have served on Infinite Chance's board of directors, bringing valuable insights and guidance.

Aaron Mott in Guatemala

Aaron Mott, Infinite Chance's Vice President and a current Benchmark Gensuite team member, has witnessed firsthand the depth of the company's commitment. He shared, "There are a lot of companies that say they care about the world, their employees, and social issues. But I love that I know for a fact that Benchmark Gensuite does, and it means the world to me that they are the presenting sponsor of LovED Gala."


As we approach the LovED Gala, we celebrate and express our heartfelt gratitude to Benchmark Gensuite for being a steadfast partner in our mission to provide educational opportunities and break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala. We invite you to join us in acknowledging and appreciating the impact of Benchmark Gensuite's enduring support.

LovED Gala presented by Benchmark Gensuite

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