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Vision IS an Infinite Chance

In January 2023, for the very first time, our English classroom was transformed – into an optometry office! This is a project we've wanted to do for a very long time, and finally we were able to do it with the help of 7 Guatemalan vision specialists lead by Dr. Mario Rodriguez! Graciously, these doctors donated their time and expertise - and, thanks to donors and sponsors, Infinite Chance was able to fund the project. Together, we were able to complete 125 vision exams in just 3 days.

Every child living at Hogar Miguel Magone was examined, along with every teacher and their children. After completing those exams, we opened up the remaining slots to residents of the surrounding village. For many, this was their very first eye exam.

The doctors brought so many frames to choose from, and everyone had so much fun trying on different pairs.

In total, 85 people needed glasses. And, in total, 85 received them.

The new school year kicks off in Guatemala mid January. Many of our students are beginning this academic year with glasses for the very first time. We are excited to see what this change will mean for them.

We are so grateful for the incredible team of doctors and volunteers, and for donors and sponsors who made this project possible. We can’t thank you enough.

We want to continue this every year, as vision needs change and new students enter our program. We hope we can count on continued support to be able to do so.

Vision is often taken for granted. But vision IS an infinite chance.

And we’re all about chances.

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