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Unlocking Opportunities: The Power of Learning English

English has become the global language of business, science, and technology, and proficiency in English can be a significant advantage for young people in Guatemala. So, in 2020, we launched our English program at Hogar Miguel Magone – with big hopes of creating even more opportunities for our students. Every Saturday morning, approximately 60 of our students receive an hour of English language instruction with our English teacher, Ms. Monica.

Saturday morning English class at Hogar Miguel Magone!
Saturday morning English class at Hogar Miguel Magone!

Today, we want to take the time to explain to our followers why learning English can have such an impact on a child’s life in Guatemala.

Learning English can improve employment opportunities for young people in Guatemala by leaps and bounds. Many companies, both domestic and international, require their employees to speak English. This is particularly true for industries such as tourism, where the ability to communicate with visitors from around the world is essential. Guatemala is also an international hub for call centers, with many companies outsourcing these jobs to the country. Call center jobs are very sought after, and the majority require English. So, our English classes paired with our computer program are the perfect preparations for students who may be interested in pursuing call center employment.

Learning English also promotes cultural exchange and understanding. English is the most widely spoken language in the world, and by learning it, young people in Guatemala can communicate with people from all over the world who may come to visit them and learn about different cultures and ways of life – ultimately encouraging them to explore the world themselves. This can help to promote cooperation between different countries and can contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous world.

But an impact that caught us off guard is perhaps the most important. Learning English is boosting our students’ confidence and self-esteem. By learning a new language, our students in Guatemala are feeling more confident in their abilities and more self-assured in their interactions with others. Most importantly – they are ENJOYING it. Many days our English teacher has to rearrange the desks because everyone wants to sit in the front row. Saturday morning English class is a happy time – with lots of fun activities and bright, new materials. English class is teaching them that they CAN… and WILL. Many name English as their new favorite subject in school.

In conclusion, English opens so many doors for our students in Guatemala – and even some we didn’t even know were there. So, every Saturday morning when you sit down for a cup of coffee, we hope our students cross your mind – as they file in for another English class that’s having more of an impact then they even know!

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