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Trade School Degrees in Guatemala

Did you know our trade school program boasts 12 successful grads and a 100% graduation rate? Infinite Chance started a trade school degree program to offer students more tools as they transition from living at Hogar Miguel Magone (the children’s home we support) to integrating into Guatemalan society as young adults.

Founder Danielle Weaver with several current trade school students and graduates. (2023)

Guatemala is a country that faces many challenges when it comes to education. According to UNESCO, the country has one of the highest rates of school dropout in Latin America, with only around 60% of adolescents completing their primary education. For those who do complete their primary education, there are limited opportunities for further education and training, which can make it difficult to find stable employment and break the cycle of poverty. However, a trade school degree can make a significant difference in the lives of adolescents in Guatemala.

Firstly, trade school degrees provide practical skills and hands-on training that can lead to immediate employment opportunities. For example, a trade school degree in automotive repair, welding, or culinary arts can lead to jobs in these industries, which are in high demand in Guatemala. This means that adolescents who complete a trade school degree are more likely to find stable employment, which can help them support themselves and their families.

Secondly, trade school degrees can provide a pathway to entrepreneurship. Many trade school graduates in Guatemala go on to start their own businesses, using the skills they learned in school to become self-employed. This can be especially beneficial in rural areas, where traditional job opportunities may be limited. By starting their own businesses, trade school graduates can create jobs for themselves and others, which can help to stimulate economic growth in their communities.

Finally, trade school degrees can help to break down social and economic barriers. In Guatemala, many adolescents may not have access to the same educational opportunities as their peers. With access to trade school education, these adolescents can develop skills and gain knowledge that can help them succeed in the workforce, regardless of their background or social status.

In short, a trade school degree can be life-changing for adolescents in Guatemala. By providing practical skills, job opportunities, and pathways to entrepreneurship, trade school education can help to break the cycle of poverty and empower young people to create a better future for themselves and their communities.

Many of our trade school graduates have now left Hogar Miguel Magone and are renting apartments nearby. Most of them have completed apprenticeships and are now working full time in their field of study. Most of them have even used their newly acquired skills to help out in the home, repairing tables, fixing freezers, and more! The younger students of the home have come to admire them and are eager for their turn at trade school when they’re old enough. Electricity? Welding? Culinary? The sky is the limit!

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