We are very excited to announce the partnership between Infinite Chance and Rooted Grounds Coffee Company! “Rooted in quality and community” is more than just a catch phrase for this company… they LIVE it – Dedicated to being rooted in each community they are a part of, including now, Guatemala! As you may know, Guatemala is a global hub for coffee.

Apart from supporting us in other ways, Rooted Grounds has authorized us to sell their small batch coffee on a regular basis, with HALF of the cost of each bag of coffee coming back to Infinite Chance! Each 1 lb. bag of coffee costs $10, meaning Infinite Chance receives $5 from EVERY bag we sell!

With many flavors to choose from, there is something for everyone! If you are interested in purchasing a bag to try, or getting signed on for a monthly order right away, please reach out to! For more on Rooted Grounds and the ways they support their community, check out their websiteand Facebook!

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