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Pop the Bubble

My favorite part of Infinite Chance is its ability to meet the real needs of the children of Hogar Miguel Magone (HMM) – to truly provide infinite chances for these kiddos. That’s why I love being a small part of the organization.

This time, it is my pleasure to share with you that we have a new program! This new project will provide the children of HMM with experiences that show them the vast opportunities the world outside of their immediate surroundings has to offer. I like to call this “pop your bubble”.

I was born and raised in Guatemala, and I know firsthand how your community and surrounding areas become your world, or “your bubble”. It’s easy to only focus on what’s happening inside -you want to be part of your community, succeed and love those around you, which is great; but your bubble doesn’t necessarily expose you to what’s beyond its limits.

I was a teacher when I lived back in Guatemala and for our annual field trip, we visited Hogar Miguel Magone. Anna (now Education Chair for Infinite Chance) and I fell in love with the kids and it seemed like one visit wasn’t enough. We spoke with our supervisor and planned to take the kids from the home, along with our group of students, to the zoo. We paired each of our students with a child from HMM, we had a crazy busy fun time at the zoo. The smile on their faces was of pure joy! They got to ride a big bus, drive into the city and share quality time with a peer from another “bubble”. This is why the new project is so magically beneficial. Taking the kids to have regular fun activities will “pop their bubble”. They will have fun in magical places in different parts of the city like amusement parks, the zoo and restaurants.

Do you remember the first time you went to a water park or the zoo? Happiness and smiles come to mind when I look back down memory lane. Experiences that some of us have as a standard way of living are, sadly, not the reality for the majority of kids in Guatemala. Activities like these have been proven to positively impact children’s mental health and improve coping skills.

We can’t wait to share their excitement with you all! And once again a big THANK YOU for providing infinite chances for kids at Hogar Miguel Magone.

Jenny Whitehead

Advisory Board Member

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