We have had many hopes for helping children throughout the world needing educational support, since the inception of Infinite Chance. One of our initial dreams was to build a trade school for Hogar Miguel Magone and the surrounding villages. We are so incredibly pleased to report we have begun the initial phases of making this dream come true.

A trade school will enable these young adults to train and develop skills that will help them earn a living wage and set them on a positive life path. We want to offer courses in computer technology, baking, industrial metalworking (CNC), welding, construction, sewing, English language, motorcycle repair, and more. We realize this sounds like a huge undertaking because it IS a huge undertaking! It is so exciting to think about all the possibilities!

What makes the process easier to begin, is that HMM already owns the land next to the home. While we were visiting in March, we met with an architect, who drew up preliminary plans, taking advantage of the slope of the land. He designed the school in modules to allow for phased construction. Each module will have two traditional classrooms on the top floor and either one large workshop or two smaller ones on the floor below. The cost per module is roughly USD 100,000. This brings the entire cost of the school to just under one million dollars. The beauty of building in sections, is we can deal with the cost over time, phase by phase.

Our plan is to partner initially with an existing, accredited trade school in Guatemala. Once our first module is built and fitted with the necessary equipment, they would provide the curriculum and teachers. As an independent entity, we can partner with any number of trade schools and universities. In the near future, we hope to begin trial courses with the older children in the HMM home, as well as those in the neighboring villages. The home currently has the equipment to teach baking and, thanks to the Gensuite Technology Center, computer technology.

What’s next? We are in the process of clearing the brush from the land. In the next few months, we will be having a topographic survey done. We will then be consulting with several different architects and experts for advice, after which, more detailed plans will be drawn. Then the real work begins, and with the help of our donors, we will be providing possibilities for very bright futures.

Article by Taryn Walsh

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