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Dear supporters, 

First and foremost, thank you all for your financial support for the Well Project and all of our efforts for Hogar Miguel Magone in Guatemala.  It is of upmost importance to us that we utilize these funds in the most responsible and effective way possible. With this in mind, we must update you on the how well project is going.

Many of you attended our spectacular fundraising event, and many of you donated from afar. Needless to say, in September of last year, we raised US$ 45,000.00 in an effort to build Hogar Miguel Magone in Guatemala a well, hoping to eliminate their monthly water bill.  We had been quoted by two companies the US$45,000.00 figure for the digging, piping, and pumping of the well. 

However, shortly after our event, we received various quotes for the same service (same companies), all of which were at or above US$ 90,000.00.  None of these companies could guarantee water. 

Before we ever began the efforts to raise the money for the well, the home had tried once before with a local experienced well digger who dug a 125-yard deep hole in hopes of finding water.  Although in the previous attempt they had reached wet rock, because of the monthly cost of the well digger the projectwas brought to a halt and the hole was sealed. 

After receiving our very high quotations for the digging of the well, and after physically seeing examples of the well digger’s work not far from the home, we decided to unseal the hole and have him continue to dig.  He began and charged us about US$ 197.00 per yard. 

We have now reached an additional depth of 50 yards, bringing the total depth of the well to about 175 yds. However, he is encountering more and more rock, and unfortunately the rock is now very dry.  He has told us that he has never encountered so much rock when digging a well.  He is willing to keep going another 50 yds, but obviously can’t guarantee water either.

We have spent US$ 10,000.00 of the money raised so far.  What we desperately want to avoid is spending all of the money raised, and in the end not having anything to show for it. So, we are at a crossroad.  

After careful deliberation and research done by the board and the home, we have come up with a 4-part plan to put into action immediately.  By implanting this plan, we will almost eliminate the home’s water bill for 6 months out of the year (rainy season), and drastically reduce it during the remaining months.

Although there is a detailed analysis of the plan attached for your review, the plan consists of:

- Replacing all washing machines 

- Replacing all toilets

- Increasing their water storage capacity by 50,000 L for rain collection

- Filtering and recycling the water from the laundry to the toilets

Not only will these plans offer immediate and guaranteed savings for the home, but they will also leave us with just over US$12,000.00 left over. Although the decision has not been made as far as what to use these remaining funds for, we are excited to begin looking into possibilities. 

We hope you understand our reasoning and trust we are trying to use money donated to the project in the best possible way.  Please look over the attached analysis and let us know if you have ANY questions!  We are always open to comments and suggestions!

We are not suspending the well project completely by any means, and we do hope that one day it becomes a reality. But in case it doesn’t, we want to offer definite and immediate relief to the home. When God closes one door, he opens another. 

Please feel free to reach out!

Danielle Weaver

Founder & President

Infinite Chance

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