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2020 is off to an incredible start for Infinite Chance! 

We are excited to announce that we have officially contracted our English teacher down in Guatemala, which marks the official launch of our English Program!  Ms. Monica has extensive experience teaching English in several prestigious language academies in Guatemala, and we are so excited to have her as part of our “on-the-ground” team in Guatemala. Our English Program will complement our Computer Program and round out our Supplemental Education projects.

Our initial English Program will involve approximately 80 students, all of whom reside at Hogar Miguel Magone. Ages will range from about 4 to 18 years old. Monica will be at the home for 8 hours each Saturday, during which time she will work with small groups of students divided by ages and levels.

Monica is currently working on a curriculum plan that fits the needs of the children of Hogar Miguel Magone. Given that academic levels tend to be lower with the children due to irregular school attendance before arriving at the home, teaching a second language will be even more challenging.   But the students are excited to learn, and we are partnering with PEARSON in devising a strategy to help them succeed! All students will continue to attend their regular schools during the week and receive English instruction on Saturdays, in addition to computer classes they are receiving in the afternoons throughout the week.


Many people may be asking themselves WHY we are focusing on English.  I would have asked the same question, had I not lived in Guatemala. I was always surprised by how many people speak English well in Guatemala. Everyone at hotels, most people in Antigua, even people selling handmade artisan crafts on the street!  With tourism AND call centers booming in Guatemala, English opens up so many more opportunities for the children to get fair waged jobs when they leave the home.  Many jobs automatically increase salaries if the student can demonstrate their English skills… no matter how much English will actually be used on the job!


In March 2020 we are headed down to Guatemala with a group of 12 volunteers. While there, we will be completely converting a room currently being used for storage into our English Classroom!  We are excited to create an exciting, colorful, bright learning environment for these children – which many studies have shown to have a HUGE effect on learning!

To do this, there are many classroom items we need… everything from pencil sharpeners for the walls to magnetic letters for putting together words and sentences. YOU can help us by browsing our Charity List on Amazon and choosing an item that you would be willing to contribute.   There are items for all budgets and will ship directly to us here at Infinite Chance.  We will then take them down in March – and you will SEE your donations in photos and videos being used by deserving children!  We’d love for you to play a part in this exciting project!  

We can’t thank you enough, as always, for your continued support and encouragement. If you ever have any questions about our projects in Guatemala, please feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to discuss it!


Daniela Weaver


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