The inaugural four boys of Project Beyond have officially begun their courses of study at Guatemalan trade schools. Having never experienced the “hands-on” learning approach, the boys are LOVING it. We sat down with the boys in March to talk about their progress.

“I love learning about the theory and then actually putting it into practice building circuits, measuring volts, and comparing our theory notes to what is actually happening,” said Mariano, who is enjoying studying electricity.

One of the boys, Israel, is studying mechanical refrigeration. While we were at the home spending time with the younger girls, we noticed that Israel was helping a technician fix their industrial freezer and caught him in the act. “It is amazing to see how the home as a whole will be impacted by the fact that these boys are studying these trades. If the home is impacted by only four boys studying, imagine how the entire community, or Guatemala as whole, would be impacted by more children learning a trade,” said Education Chair Anna Estrada.

When we asked the boys what they would say to Gensuite, who has sponsored these four boys for their 2-year programs, one boy said it most simply: “Thanks to Gensuite my dream has begun.”

Check out our Q&A with the boys... you'll start seeing their personalities shine through as well!

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