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Boxes of Hope

When I lived in Guatemala, I was a teacher. I taught alongside many amazing educators, many of whom became lifelong friends – and several of whom sit on the Infinite Chance board today. As a team, we tried to instill values of service and kindness in our students daily. Our students ranged from 3rd to 6th grade, most of whom are now in high school and about to graduate.

When the pandemic hit Guatemala, these same students, seeing a desperate need for hunger relief in their own country, started an initiative called “Cajas de Esperanza” (Boxes of Hope). They collected monetary and material donations and began putting together boxes of food for low income families in Guatemala. There are different sized boxes, the largest of which is meant to feed a family of 6 for two whole weeks! To date, they have put together and distributed over 400 of these boxes to families in need!

When we found out about this initiative, we immediately contacted Cajas de Esperanza. Asyou all know, we have been constantly supporting the children living at Hogar Miguel Magone (HMM) through the entire pandemic. But approximately 40 students who live in the surrounding village USUALLY depend on HMM for their daily meals. Given the pandemic, HMM has not been able to let these students in. Although they have tried to help them as best they can, the priority has (naturally) been given to children residing at the home. With many parents and older siblings out of work, these families in the village are in desperate need of support… mainly in the form of food. This is why we have teamed up with our former students at Cajas de Esperanza.

With the help of Cajas de Esperanza, we have provided large boxes of food for every family in the village that has children who normally rely on HMM for meals; plus, each HMM teacher received a box to take home as well. In total, these boxes will help feed 156 people for 2 weeks!

I speak for all of the teachers who taught these incredible students when I express how proud I am of them… and how good it feels to come full circle and work together towards a brighter future for Guatemala.

Daniela Weaver

President & Founder

Infinite Chance

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