The one chance with infinite possibilities.

A chance at every level:


Supplying UNIFORMS and supplies, we enable children to graduate from public school at the 6th grade level.


Now covering TUITION FEES for private high schools, we give the chance for children to the graduate at the 12th grade level. 


Apart from day-to-day school, we provide our children additional instruction time in COMPUTER and ENGLISH.


We currently send of age children to existing trade schools. But our goal is to build a TRADE CENTER of our own!

Our Programs

Elementary Education

Although elementary education through 6thgrade is “free” in Guatemala, each child requires a costly list of school supplies and uniform in order to attend.  These costs add up to about USD 198 per child per year. Infinite Chance is currently helping over 300 students with these expenses. 


Secondary Education

Public school in Guatemala ends at the 6th grade level. However, most vocational and all university programs require a high school degree for consideration. High school tuition starts at about USD 391 per year, not including supplies and uniform. Infinite Chance is currently assisting with 16 high school level adolescents.  


Supplemental Education


Infinite Chance currently offers computer classes before or after school to approximately 60 students.  Our computer center consists of 19 computers and projector.  Each student in the program is receiving approximately 90 minutes of hands-on computer instruction.



Being a hub for call centers, tourism, hospitality careers, and more, Guatemala offers many opportunities for English speakers. For this reason, in January 2020, Infinite Chance is launching the English Language program.  Our pilot program will initially reach 80 students.


Vocational Education

Infinite Chance currently has 4 students working towards trade school degree in existing trade schools in Guatemala.


But since our inception, we have made advancements towards our ultimate goal: building a TRADE CENTER.  Our plan is to build a facility that can be used as a hub to offer many different trades and degrees.  With the land attained (see video) and concepts drawn, we are in the funding stage of our TRADE CENTER.