Whether you are in Guatemala or the United States, if you are interested in playing an official role within our organization, we would love to hear why!  We are always looking for long-term volunteers at home and abroad!

Please email if you are interested!  Within your email, please explain why you would be a good addition to our team!


We are now in the process of expanding our Board of Directors. 

What is a Board of Directors?

This is the group creating the strategy behind our projects.  This is the group pushing our mission to extremes.  This is the group mentoring and guiding our teammates on the ground.  This is the group with the vision, who turn it in to action

What qualities are we looking for?

Those with passion.

Those with different perspectives

Those with innovative ideas.

Those who think outside the box

Those with vision and imagination.

Those who can execute the vision. 

Those with strong networks in varied circles. 

Those from different backgrounds who challenge assumptions

Those with the courage to speak up.

Those with dedication.

Please email if you think you extraordinarily excel in one or more of these areas.

Within your email, please explain why you would be a good addition to our Board of Directors.

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